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We are a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic that help our patients with stress, pain relief and weight loss. We specialize in auricular therapy which is all natural and really helps our patients. We provide nutritional orientation, help with migraine problems, and insomnia.


Auriculotherapy is a weight loss procedure in which stimulation of the auricle of the external ear is utilized to alleviate health conditions in other parts of the body. It was originally used in China but is now used globally. One of the best things about this practice, is that you can enjoy great results without having pains, without having to stop eating, or without having to work out.

The process starts with electromagnetics marbles which are placed on specific areas of the ear. These pieces in conjunction with acupressure accelerates metabolism in body in a natural way. There are anxiety areas, stress areas, headache areas, and also areas for the digestive system. These areas are stimulated through the connections of the nervous system extensions found in the ear. This process goes along with nutritional guides which are specifically made for you to lose weight. These guides are very easy to follow and there is no need to weight food, and/or food ingredients. You will obtain the best results if these guides are followed step-by-step along with our treatment. Our treatment is done weekly and it starts with the left ear which will help you lose weight. One week later, we will work on your right ear which will then help you lose clothing sizes. With our treatment, your skin will be automatically adjusting as you lose weight, this way you are left with healthy looking skin. Thanks to our method you will lose anywhere between 2 and 5 lbs. weekly.



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